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Employee app: The revolution of your internal communication

Reach everyone with the Quiply employee app

Alle branchen nutzen mitarbeiter app

connecting your frontline workers with the team

Especially companies that employ frontline workers and office staff want to replace the bulletin board as a communication tool. In the Quiply employee app, all news or changes can be communicated quickly, regardless of where the employees are located. The app is a messenger, social intranet and corporate magazine all in one.

Reach all
Truly reach everyone in real time without corporate email addresses and private phone numbers.
100% project success
Your own contact partner at Quiply. Activation rates >90%. Convenient dashboard.
Sustainable communication
Better teamwork, better working atmosphere and motivation. This communication works!
Digitize smarter
Extras like create forms & surveys in seconds. Secure employee mailbox.
Highest security
EU-GDPR & DSG compliant, data storage Germany. No surveillance.
More productivity
Easy use. Lower costs. Integrations to Datev, Sharepoint & Co.

Reduce staff turnover with the Quiply employee app

Quiply mitarbeiterapp fuer die Industrie

through more appreciation

When your employees feel well informed and work processes are communicated quickly, this increases the feeling of appreciation, job satisfaction and employee retention. The Quiply employee app thus helps you to reduce fluctuation in the company.

Quiply is modular and close to the customer

Quiply on various devices

available with own branding upon request

Quiply is the first employee app that adapts to the wishes of your employees through individual composition. We also support you permanently with a dedicated contact person after signing the contract. Of course, you can also get Quiply in your branding: With the professional version, you receive your own company app, which is newly programmed for you.

"Thanks to the app, we have taken a big step towards digitization. Everything ran smoothly. And internal communication has become much better. As a family business the personal relationship with the management level is very important, so we were able to maintain this even in Corona times. With the app, we have means of expressing genuine appreciation."
Carolin Klauer, Online Marketing Manager, Fränkische Rohrwerke Gebr. Kirchner GmbH & Co KG
"The app was recommended to us by a company that was already using Quiply. Quiply was very well received by our employees. (...) And we have definitely achieved our goals for internal communication. But Quiply still has so many possibilities: We want to exploit the full potential in any case!"
Alina Kramer, Marketing, G. Kraft Maschinenbau GmbH
"With our Quiply-based Moving-App, we publish internal job advertisements and job postings directly and immediately to interested employees, regardless of which subsidiary they work for. This makes it very easy for us to show development opportunities to interested employees and thus bind them much more strongly to our company."
Javier Tejero, Human Resources Director Asia Pacific, Meliá Hotels International
"On the intranet, it took a long time to publish content. In the Quiply app, this is much faster. It is best tailored to our needs. Part-time employees in particular can now check what's changed from home." On simplifications like food orders & co with forms: "This is the best process ever!"
Annika Rusert, Ass. of the management, Hüttenhospital in Dortmund
"From day one, Quiply has made communication much easier for us. And even after more than a year, we are still thrilled with the app and can highly recommend it. Plus: It's really great to see that customer feedback is taken seriously and that this is also implemented."
Gaby Baumann, Head of HR, aarReha Schinznach
"Quiply's Employee-App allows us to easily and efficiently ensure that all of our employees, across all divisions and departments, are always provided with the information relevant to their jobs."
Tobias Diener, Director, Zollinger Stiftung (Pflegezentrum & Spitex)
"Whether an Employee-App has increased employee retention? Definitely! The comments in our app are friendly, there has been a higher appreciation for each other. I've sensed: Something is happening."
Philipp R. Ostermann, Managing Director, VidoMed Gesellschaft für ganzheitliche Pflege mbH

Secure and data protection compliant

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Employee-App features

  • Runs quickly and securely on all (private) end devices. Data storage in Germany. Access without a work Email-address or private phone number. Your own branding. Barrier-free according to BITV. Offline-capable. And many extras.
  • Use Channels to inform your entire organization. Create multimedia content in the blink of an eye. Select your target group smartly and inform them via push-notifications. The digital bulletin board says goodbye to paper, intranet and showcases! Social functions make the app a valuable feedback channel for management.
  • Here's to collaboration: Powerful 1:1 chats or group chats with voice messages, photos, videos, emojis, gifs, videos, quotes, calendars, and real-time translation in 112 languages. You can have instructions acknowledged with binding read receipt. Everything securely encrypted.
  • Life can be so simple: Vacation request, AU certificate, pool vehicle order or material procurement, you can do practically everything with forms & surveys within the App. Digitally rebuild your tried-and-tested processes with forms which are workflows with approval stages. You can design surveys just the way you like them, e.g. for pulse surveys - since everyone is involved, you can triple your participation rates.
  • Find and reach everyone directly. Use freely selectable profile fields for the fastest answer to "who knows and can do what in the company?". And finally, up-to-date phone numbers. Yeah!
  • For events, trainings and other appointments, we have appointment scheduling a la Doodle on board. The organization sends reminders to make events successful.
  • All functions are logically arranged. Easy to understand for all generations. And the interactive user guide "Marie" is happy to help you 24/7.
  • Dashboard with analysis and evaluations. Extensive user management. Smart groups with dynamic rights assignment. Practical maps. The employee mailbox Smart Docs. The powerful web app with editor. The search that also searches the contents of files. Quick links to websites & social sites. And much more for better internal communication!
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    Forms & Surveys

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    Employee directory

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    And so much more!

Questions and answers about the Quiply employee app

80% of all employees work remotely and have no access to the intranet. An employee app connects all employees of a company quickly and securely, regardless of location. With the help of employee apps, content can be sent as news feeds (channels), via individual or group chats in real time, and as push messages. With the document function, important documents such as maintenance procedures, duty rosters or work instructions are available at any time.

The Quiply app can be installed on all common smartphones, tablets or web-based on the desktop. Unlike private networks or chat services, Quiply is fully DSGVO-compliant with bank-safe encryption.

An app for employees helps reach everyone and increase employee motivation. By actively engaging the team with surveys, likes and comments, companies show appreciation. Lively internal communication actively strengthens the corporate culture and increases employee loyalty.

Definitely! With the app, you can reach all employees across departments and locations in real time, regardless of language. This reduces chatter, information is no longer lost, and supervisors are relieved. You can also use our app to digitize processes in your company. This improves not only the communication, but also saves time and money.

By establishing the app as the main information medium in your company. Information should be communicated in the app first so that the importance of using it is evident. Provide a lot of added value and interesting information within the app to increase the usage rate. Once employees see added value for themselves, they will happily use the app frequently. Employee loyalty and the sense of belonging to the company are automatically increased, as employees can understand the value chains in your company much better. And a tip that always works: Raffle something for the first persons who sign up.
The Quiply CSM team will be happy to support you with further ideas, personal advice and best practices to successfully implement the app in your company.

Yes, because all data stays within the cloud-based app and the employees have to accept the respective terms of use. You can create these terms of use with our help or individually. Due to the role-based access and role management via the admin functions, data can no longer be accessed and used if employees' access has been revoked, unlike with WhatsApp, for example - this means that sensitive data remains protected for everyone.