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Our Employee-App for industries

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Your #1 Employee-App


Quiply connects everyone in industry and production!

Connects production, warehouse and administration worldwide even without an e-mail address in over 100 languages and is GDPR-compliant

Organizes channel & group chats per location or department and replaces the bulletin board

Easy dispatch of damage reports, applications or invoices incl. the possibility of countersignature

Continuous access to duty rosters, product data & work instructions for occupational safety incl. read confirmation.

Shortens arrangements & coordination through chats, photos & voice messages and motivates your employees

Simplifies surveys, innovation management and replaces uncoordinated private messaging services

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Great customers who trust us

Strengthen internal communication

Communication across locations

Reaches the entire workforce at any location quickly and easily. Without a company email address or phone number. Messages can be distributed via posts with rich media. With the help of our group and individual chats, employees in production, in the warehouse, in the field, and even on their PCs can coordinate their work. There are no language barriers in the app; Quiply translates into 112 languages using AI. Short questions can be answered in no time. Everyone feels included and part of the company.

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Information & Knowledge Management

Save time and simplify access to important, work-related documents. That's possible with Quiply. The employee app serves as a central reference for instructions, checklists and safety documents. Up-to-date and easy to access. It also makes onboarding new employees easier by providing a central repository.

Simplify processes

Eliminates unnecessary paperwork. Maintenance logs, material orders, incapacity certificates (AU), vacation requests, work instructions can simply be provided and sent in via app. Multi-step approval processes are possible with forms. Even pay stubs can now be delivered digitally to every employee at the touch of a button. It has rarely been possible to digitize simple workflows so quickly. Exciting, because the possibilities of the smartphone for video and photo can of course be fully exploited.

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Distribute tasks quickly and paper-free within the team and avoid downtime!

Faults in equipment or machines can quickly lead to long downtimes in industry and production if they go unrecognised. As soon as defects are recognised, they can be quickly and easily entered as a task in the app using the task module and assigned to the employee responsible. Routine tasks such as inspections or the onboarding of new employees are also recorded digitally. With prioritisation, different views, push notifications and tags to make them easier to find. And super practical: you can also quickly create a task from chats!

Real-time translation - so that everyone understands everything!

Thanks to real-time translation, every employee can have information or chats translated into their desired language. This makes it easy to integrate non-native speakers too!

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Employee-App advantages

Easy & intuitive

Increased productivity. Less leg work. Inform faster and bring everyone along. It starts with the simple, user-friendly interface that everyone gets to grips with straight away.


Quiply is 100% compliant with the EU-GDPR and the Swiss DSG. And it is compliant with the company's co-determination. Private chats cannot be read by superiors. And everyone in the company benefits from better internal communication.

Reach all

All employees in production, in the warehouse and at the PC can be reached via push notifications, regardless of their location. This is what everyone demands in the age of real-time information, before fake news and rumors spread faster via WhatsApp & Co.

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What our customers say

"Quiply's Employee-App allows us to easily and efficiently ensure that all of our employees, across all divisions and departments, are provided with the information relevant to their jobs."
Tobias Diener, Director, Zollinger Stiftung (Pflegezentrum & Spitex)
"Of all the apps and providers tested, Quiply was indeed the app that resonated most with employees in comparison. It's easy to use and all of our requirements were met: a custom app with our own branding, logo and colors were also possible."
Carolin Klauer, Team Leader Online Marketing, Fränkische Rohrwerke Gebr. Kirchner GmbH & Co KG
"On our agenda last year was the introduction of an employee app. After intensive research, we chose Quiply because it was the app best suited to our needs."
Alina Kramer, Marketing, G. Kraft Maschinenbau GmbH

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