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Our Employee-App

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Reach and inform everyone easily.

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Your #1 Employee-App


Reach everyone on the job site now!

Networks the administration and all employees on the construction sites in real time 

Reaches even the commercial employees without e-mail address in over 100 languages

Organizes channel & group chats per construction site or project and shortens arrangements through site plans or construction site photos

Easy sending of damage and accident reports, applications or settlements incl. the possibility of countersignature

Continuous access to duty plans, company regulations & work instructions for occupational safety incl. read confirmation

Replaces uncoordinated private messaging services, is GDPR-compliant and replaces the bulletin board

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Great customers who trust us

Strengthen your communication!

Reach every employee

No matter where the employees are at the moment, on the construction site, at their desk or on the way to the vehicle. With just one message you can easily reach everyone at the same time. Thanks to our groups, project groups can be easily assigned, so everyone only receives the information they really need. And since our app is offline-capable, information can still be viewed even without reception.

Document chat

Digital document dispatch

The updated construction plan is in the wrong pocket for the site inspection or the documentation of the last maintenance cannot be found? Challenges like these can be easily overcome with our Employee-App. With the help of a digital filing system, everything can be carried in your pocket and securely transmitted to other colleagues.

Increase work safety

Improving safety is a persistent topic. The Employee-App makes it easier. For example, send videos with short micro-trainings to the team. Or use photos instead of long texts. With our campaign feature, you can track how many have already taken note of the messages. This way, all employees stay informed about new safety measures. Combine this topic with other topics of your communication for better awareness and the accident rates are demonstrably reduced.

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Assign & complete tasks efficiently - so that everything runs smoothly!

Our task module is revolutionising the construction industry and trade. Complete the daily assignment of tasks to labourers with one click! Remind responsible employees of safety inspections or material orders. Use priorities, tags for specific categories and maintain an overview with three possible views. Your employees receive push notifications to remind them of tasks or relevant changes. Increase efficiency in project management for construction and trade and ensure a smooth process within the team.

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Employee-App advantages

Reach all

All employees can be reached in real time and informed simultaneously, no matter where they are. Secure even on private devices. Offline-capable even in large construction sites.


No own infrastructure necessary, lean administration. Offline-capable even without reception at the construction site. Achieve the right results in internal communication with little effort.

100% Safe

100% compliant with EU-GDPR, Swiss DSG and end-to-end encryption, malware and virus scanner. Protects against loss of customer data.

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What some of our customers say

"The app was recommended to us by a company that was already using Quiply. Quiply was very well received by our employees. (...) And we have definitely achieved our goals for internal communication. But Quiply still has so many possibilities: We want to exploit the full potential in any case!"
Alina Kramer, Marketing, G. Kraft Maschinenbau GmbH
"To keep employees up to date in dynamic situations, we have introduced an Employee-App. Here, the management and the crisis management team can reach all employees immediately and always inform them about the current situation. Of course, this also applies after Corona. Important questions can be answered quickly and easily and, of course, employees can also exchange information with each other - Another step towards the Digital Workplace. Thank you @quiplyapp!"
Patrick Lauer, Head of Internal Communications, Julabo GmbH
"Thanks to the app, we have taken a big step towards digitization. Everything ran smoothly. And internal communication has become much better. As a family business, personal contact with the management level is very important, so we were able to maintain this even in times of pandemic. With the app, we have a way of expressing genuine appreciation."
Carolin Klauer, Team Leader Online Marketing, Fränkische Rohrwerke Gebr. Kirchner GmbH & Co KG
"With our Quiply-based Moving app, we publish internal job advertisements and job postings directly and immediately to interested employees, regardless of which subsidiary they work for. This makes it very easy for us to show development opportunities to interested employees and thus bind them much more strongly to our company."
Javier Tejero, Human Resources Director, Meliá Hotels International
"On the intranet, it took a long time to publish content. In the Quiply app, this is faster. It is best tailored for our needs. Part-time employees can now check what has changed from home." On simplifications with Quiply forms, "It's the best process ever!"
Annika Rusert, Ass. Management, Hüttenhospital in Dortmund
"Quiply's employee app allows us to easily and efficiently ensure that all of our employees, across all divisions and departments, are always provided with the information relevant to their jobs."
Tobias Diener, Director, Zollinger Stiftung (Pflegezentrum & Spitex)
"Whether an employee app has increased employee retention? Definitely! The comments in our app are friendly, there has been a higher appreciation for each other. I've sensed: something is happening."
Philipp R. Ostermann, Managing Director, VidoMed Gesellschaft für ganzheitliche Pflege mbH

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