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Frequently asked Questions

Internal communication

The Quiply employee app is a relatively new type of software that makes the intranet mobile and crosses it with typical smartphone features. We've collected a few frequently asked questions & answers. What question do you have?

Yes. Quiply runs on all major devices and is available for all major operating systems and browsers. Among them are Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android as operating systems and the popular browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera or Edge. You can read more about the features here.

2.7 billion people worldwide do not work at a desk. That's 80% of all employees. Although digitalization via smartphone in social networks from WhatsApp to Facebook is a commonplace for all ages today, it is often still quite different in companies and organizations. Showcases, bulletin boards, e-mail or a little accessible intranet (terminal) are a sparse offer for these employees to engage and inform themselves on an equal footing. Creating and distributing their own content is difficult for these off-desk workers. This simply means an enormous amount of potential is lost, a huge treasure trove of digital ideas. And that's exactly what the employee app changes!

These 80% of employees without desk jobs, who make up our value creation, want to be part of the company, both operationally and communicatively: to collaborate, to be involved, to discuss and, above all, to receive information without delay - even in smaller companies. In this way, they learn immediately and on an equal footing with their colleagues in administration about new job offers, corporate benefits, company news, new projects, successes, the company's new strategy, or can welcome their new colleagues directly.

Employee apps should be intuitive like Quiply's. Social features like comments are an ideal feedback channel for management. Any offer can be placed and used as a platform for company sports, carpooling or even humor with a funny video, among other things. Such offers strengthen social ties. Swap meets like the ones on the bulletin board are possible on any smartphone. However, in the absence of this type of service, employees turn to the uncontrollable shadow IT of WhatsApp, Facebook and similar platforms. A biotope for fake news and rumors without data protection about the company. Quiply can do a lot more to improve cohesion, employee loyalty, motivation and processes. And it saves costs, for example by simplifying processes in HR. A typical effect: Routes and e-mails are reduced. 30-40% less mails can realistically be expected.

Employee apps have low technical access requirements, practically every internet capable device runs with Quiply.
With Quiply, it is then possible to get information and work together as a team even without a company email address or private mobile number.

Good internal communication with Quiply is inexpensive, but has a measurable positive impact on motivation and employee retention. Productivity increases of up to 25% are possible with social technologies like Quiply, assumes McKinsey*.

*Source: Rise of the deskless workforce, Venture Beat | The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies, McKinsey

Collaboration softwares like Slack & Teams or even Zoom have a different purpose than an employee app. This software is primarily useful for management/administration/development and so-called "knowledge workers" who work at a desk. An employee app, on the other hand, is intended for all employees including the 80% of all employees who do not work at a desk. Collaboration softwares are optimized for working on documents or video conferencing, they are particularly good at that. However, according to the IT consultancy Gartner, this software is not at all suitable for internal communication. Internal communication, on the other hand, is lean, fast and practical with an employee app.

MS Teams and Slack are intended for the digital workplace, while internal communication is more like a mixture of Facebook and Spiegel Online for companies. Especially in Corona times, work in administrations went on primarily through video conferencing. The rest of the staff outside the administration rarely used this tool - they were either informed in person, via mailboxes or e-mail - a real interactive tool was usually not available.

In practical terms, this means in everyday life: no one really addresses their company properly via thread (line-based commands) or informs all employees many times a day via video call. Microsoft's solution is via SharePoint in VivaCommunicator to Microsoft Teams? Sorry, but that's super cumbersome. Instead, a personalized post in the app is much more practical, effective and quicker to do, everyone can interact directly instead of creating workspaces for it.

Video conferencing in geriatric care is no more relevant to everyday life than confusing thread progressions at the 5-axis CNC. Even the professional driver will not seriously read threads, but rather surf through the posts of an employee app. Everyone expects your company to provide well-prepared information that can be read quickly in a few minutes at the start of work - preferably in multimedia form. That's why Gartner advises against rolling out collaboration software to all employees. Instead of always displaying the latest thread, the person responsible for communication can also determine what remains present and is permanently displayed as particularly important.

In addition: Teams, Slack and also Zoom (Zoombombing) only apply to a limited extent GDPR or works council compliant. All apps also require email accounts from all employees, which they often don't have. Using private phone numbers, such as with WhatsApp, is certainly not to everyone's liking. This is not the case with employee apps.

Employee apps like Quiply are much more productive for internal and operational communication. Employee apps fit into the everyday work of all employees, from workbench to office. Not only can they perform internal communications better, they are cheaper to use (at a fraction of the cost of standard American software). You also unerringly eliminate unnecessary emails - a reduction of 30-40% of internal emails is possible with employee app.

Quiply recommends using each app for the appropriate use case. So while administration may use both types of software, for the rest of the employees, the employee app is the better choice. And by the way, collaboration software and employee apps are not mutually exclusive: Quiply can also be perfectly combined with collaboration software - easy going!

No, we don't need service devices for all employees. Quiply's innovation is the secure use of the app on private devices as BYOD (bring-your-own-device). Employees' private devices can be used without restriction, which is what most employees want from their company.

Nevertheless, the administrator can completely remove access unilaterally at the end of the contractual relationship or in an emergency. No usable data remains on the private end device. Everything is done in compliance with data protection laws such as EU-GDPR or Swiss DSG. Employees do not need a work email address, nor is their private phone number visible to others. Thanks to a sophisticated data protection concept and malware and virus scanners, your IT infrastructure remains well protected against cyberattacks, even when using private devices.

Today, 92% of employees have a powerful smartphone, so access is possible for almost all employees without difficulty. Last but not least, the app runs on all desktops, tablets or laptops, so that alternative access points can be easily set up in the company at low cost for employees who do not own or do not want to use a smartphone.

Quiply is a hybrid of a highly secure messenger and a social intranet with the specifics of an employee app. So you can organize your teamwork and inform the whole company in the same way. The following features are typical for employee apps: Easy to use, accessibility significantly as BYOD (use also on private end devices), access without company email address or without revealing the own phone number possible as well as a very secure infrastructure and of course GDPR compliant. The Quiply app thus improves internal communication as well as teamwork within the company.

Quiply runs just as securely on business as on private devices. Quiply is intuitive to use and ready-to-use. The rigid and inflexible intranet is replaced and translated into the mobile & social era, where speed and effectiveness are important. What good is a beautifully designed but unfortunately far too slow company newsletter if there is news that can't wait? The social network in an employee app has positive effects on the company culture, if certain principles have been taken into account in the design by the manufacturer. Good employee apps allow not only top-down communication, but also peer-to-peer to bottom-up communication (from employees to management). Quiply can be customized to fit your organization as well as your culture. As real-time communication, the app also helps to significantly reduce the number of internal emails in the future - 30-40% is realistic here.

Quiply also offers many other practical extras such as surveys, campaigns, forms, the dashboard with analysis options, user directory, campaigns and more. You can find more detailed information about the employee app category here.

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Questions left unanswered? We are more than happy to help!


No. Quiply not only guarantees data protection for the company's data, but also takes care of its customers' data and that of its employees. 100% compliance with the GDPR is our business foundation and for this we have created a highly secure environment.

As a German company, co-determination is part of our DNA, which we respect. Works councils also use the app for their own work, because ultimately everyone benefits from good communication. And employees cannot, of course, be spied on by their boss. Productivity measurement like in American software systems is impossible with Quiply.

With its dashboard, Quiply provides an analysis on an aggregated level, so that no conclusions can be drawn about individual behavior. With these analyses it is possible to make statements about the quality of communication in the company, but not about individuals. Data from the system is only made accessible to authorized bodies in the event of legal offenses following a court order, but otherwise not as a matter of principle.

For users: No, not necessary. Quiply is so intuitive that your corporate employees can jump right into the app environment without training. For those who need support, you can turn to our interactive user guide called Marie, which gives tours at any time.

For admins in the company, we recommend a short training course. This is conducted by our own Customer Success Team via video conference, or live and in color on site if desired. Onboarding training is part of the onboarding process and included free of charge.

Yes, our Customer Success Team is more than happy to support you! A personal contact person accompanies you through the onboarding process and solves questions and open challenges. Even those who have never installed an intranet before will quickly get to grips with it. We'll be happy to explain in person exactly what the onboarding service entails.

The price is pretty much the same as a delicious latte macchiato ☕️ that you give at the employee meeting. So manageable. The value: more personal connection, better orientation and better mutual understanding.

Our motto is fair: only what is needed is paid for.

Quiply only makes individual offers, because every customer is different. To this end, Quiply is the only employee app to offer a completely modular pricing system. No bundles or hidden package surcharges. No data volume, storage or admin limits, no hidden surprises. We start calculating according to the app you choose (Essential or Professional), the number of licenses and the desired contract duration. Extras like surveys or Smart Docs can be added, but are not required. By the way, the costs are only based on purchased licenses, not the number of employees in the company. In addition, Quiply is known for not wanting to impose massive price increases at the end of the contract; we leave that to others. In short: Quiply may not be cheap, but it is certainly good value and fair.

Do you want to know exactly now? Then request an offer. And whether an employee app is worthwhile for you, you can also derive from this cost-benefit analysis for your company, for example.

We really exist! We are always available via contact form or call us from Mon-Fri. 09:00 to 17:00 under 49 (0) 221 975 815 10. We look forward to you!

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