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From the first day on always well connected.

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"We are the Customer Success team at Quiply and we make sure you always get the exceptional service you deserve. We personally advise from Cologne and are there when there are questions or challenges. Also, we listen when you want to give us valuable feedback on the app for the well-connected."


Our service is based on 4 pillars

I. Help Center

24h x 365 days support: In our detailed help center, you and your employees will find all information, tips & best practices on existing and new functions in the app around the clock. And of course, the offer is constantly being expanded and extended.

II. Service-Desk

If you don't find what you are looking for in the help center, our support team is of course available to help you personally. Simply submit a support ticket or contact us by phone, we are available from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. We are more than happy to support you!

III. Consultation

Competence at your side: Of course, you will receive professional onboarding and advice on the employee app. The Quiply Customer Success Team accompanies you during the introduction of the app and shares best practices. The team is there to help and advise you from the handover of the app access to the roll-out.

IV. Community

We want to constantly improve and optimize the app, so it is obvious for us to give the users a voice. In our feedback community you can post suggestions or new features or vote for suggestions of others. This way we know what is especially important to you.

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Feedback community: At Quiply, customers help shape the future.

More about the Community
"Initially, we also looked around and tested cheaper alternatives, but these options were confusing or you had to sacrifice too many features and service - so we decided to go with Quiply."
Alina Kramer, Marketing, G. Kraft Maschinenbau GmbH
"From day one, Quiply has made communication much easier for us. And even after more than a year, we are still thrilled with the app and can highly recommend it. Plus: It's really great to see that customer feedback is taken seriously and that this is also implemented."
Client aarreha
Gaby Baumann, Head of Human Resources, aarReha, Schinznach
"Getting started actually worked very, very well. We had everything set up and then went live immediately. The Quiply support team was also always available, and the process went smoothly."
Logo Fraenkische Rohrwerke
Carolin Klauer, Team Leader Online Marketing, Fränkische Rohrwerke Gebr. Kirchner GmbH & Co KG

Always well advised and supported

Quiply 10 Praxis Tipps für den erfolgreichen Einsatz einer Mitarbeiter App Industrie


Quiply's customers share best practices with everyone. Because sharing knowledge is part of success for our Customer Success Team. Through consultations and feedback, new best practices have been identified. In this e-book, you'll find the 10 most popular tips. Some tricks are simple, others are quite clever to tackle challenges in the industry and manufacturing sector.

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Maybe you know this moment too: You use a product you like and think: "Oh, well this could be better if it was different." 💡 We are all ears for valuable ideas from our customers and are always happy to receive constructive feedback. Quiply even has its own community for that. Post feedback and see how this goes into development and what other customers think about it. Or vote for other ideas.

Quiply 10 Praxis Tippd für den erfolgreichen Einsatz einer Mitarbeiter App


Sharing knowledge is part of what our Customer Success team does. Through consultations and feedback, best practices from our customers have shown up over and over again, here from nursing. In this e-book, you'll find your 10 favorite practical tips. Some tricks are simple, others are pretty nifty for tackling challenges in the healthcare, nursing and hospital industry. Good luck!

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