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Quiply has the ideal balance of tools for internal communication & operational teamwork. All employees are informed in real time and coordinate better. The social exchange improves the working atmosphere and the app becomes a feedback channel for the management. Quiply contains many new ideas for digitalization, process simplification and less paperwork. Just do it!


The handlig of the app is repeatedly attested as very simple and intuitive. This guarantees a high level of acceptance among users without having to forego any functions. Plus, in only 24h you are live. Quiply is simply practical, lean and fast!


Everyone can use Quiply on their favorite device. There is no need to have a company email address or publish their private phone number. Quiply is also as secure on private devices as the company network.


The best mix of technologies: from top-down communication with multimedia posts to peer-to-peer chats with social features. And really effective bottom-up communication. This is how sustainable, future-proof communication works.

10 advantages for your internal communication

Employee app

1. Achieve more, reach out

In summary 80% of all employees create added value away from their desks. With Quiply, they finally have access to the administration's internal communication and can actively participate. Last but not least, this strengthens team spirit! An app connects everyone securely with each other even on private devices from smartphone to PC. At Quiply with a very simple onboarding via email, SMS or paper invitation. The added value: Everyone is informed in real time, better coordination, motivation, more employee loyalty and cost reductions.

2. Higher productivity

Everyone is informed in real time. That starts with intuitive handling. Our customers confirm this simplicity over and over again. Strong app, even more comprehensive web app. Quiply improves teamwork and internal communication in equal measure: You can simplify many processes with the app. 30-40% of emails are effectively reduced. This is the mix for higher productivity: Up to 25% are possible according to studies*.


3. Innovative technology

Good internal communication has a lasting effect when it reaches everyone. Quiply co-founded this category of mobile, internal communications for businesses: Practical, streamlined and quick to deploy. The technology is future-proof, we regularly add new features e.g. artificial intelligence (AI) for real-time translation. Integrations to proven systems such as Datev, Sage-KHK, Personio, SAP, Abacus as well as Microsoft have long been a reality. The goal: An effective tool to enable creative communication within the company.

4. Personal customer service

Quiply has established its own Customer Success Team in Cologne with highly qualified employees. Together with our customers we achieve activation rates of >90%. We not only support you, but also advise you on how to improve your internal communication from day 1. In addition to good support, there is even a feedback community where you can help develop the app.

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5. Security & Privacy

No compromises: 100% compliant with EU-GDPR and Swiss DSG. We are a fortress in case of cyberattacks. Highly secure infrastructure on private devices (BYOD). End-to-end encryption, malware and virus scanners, regular security audits and ISO/EIC 27001 certified data centers. Co-determination compliant for the works council. Simply the best prerequisites for good internal communication.

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Less paperwork

Communication is just the beginning. With our modular system of forms, surveys and campaigns, you can digitize any multi-stage process. Without external IT consultants, implement it in minutes at any time by yourself. Less paperwork, more results.

Smart Integration

Self-sufficiently strong or connected to inventory systems. With Quiply there is integration to Datev, Abacus, Sage-KHK, SAP and Personio (Smart Docs). MS Azure Active Directory with single sign-on or intranet connection with SharePoint. Social feeds from Facebook & Co can be integrated without detours.


Low administrative effort. Uncomplicated and fast implementation. User groups with dynamic assignment of rights. Roll-out without training. Co-determination compliant. No own infrastructure is necessary, operation is in the cloud.

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6. Highest customer satisfaction

Quiply surveys customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis. To this end, the Customer Success Team offers regular meetings for our customers, among other things. In the 2021 customer survey, 98.6% of all respondents said they would choose Quiply again. The NPS (Net Promoter Score) was 9.3 out of 10. A transparent & reliable pricing model also contributes to these outstanding rates.


7. Performance

Pop quiz: What do Netflix, Tesla and Quiply have in common? They all use the same powerful cloud. This cloud hovers at the world's largest Internet node, DE-CIX. Data storage only in Germany. High performance with 99.9% uptime and bank-grade encryption. Who likes to wait for snail mail? And by the way, our electricity is green: a matter of honor!

8. More motivation!

Internal communication via employee app has an effect on intrinsic motivation and is fun. If you haven't tried it yourself, you can't talk. Quotes? "Our employees are totally enthusiastic" or "Really, we feel something here. Quiply connects us." It has always been a central concern for us: Using Quiply, it has to be fun! And the fact that our customers find new participation and togetherness gives us even more joy.

Money money

9. Made for you!

Internal communication motivates sustainably. But only if the app can be adapted to the organization and culture. Quiply can be configured individually and has been developed with a lot of experience from hundreds of projects. Thus, it demonstrably leads to higher productivity, higher employee retention and better employer branding.

10. Sustainability in green

Owner-managed, we think long-term and have customers as well as the development of employees in mind. We are a partner, not an investor vehicle. Communication via our app is also effective in the long term. And with the app, our customers save mountains of paper. P.S. In 2023, Quiply wants to be CO2-neutral as a whole company.

"Whether an employee app has increased employee retention? Definitely! The comments in our app are friendly, there has been a higher appreciation for each other. I've sensed: something is happening."
Philipp R. Ostermann, Managing Director, VidoMed Gesellschaft für ganzheitliche Pflege mbH
"From day one, Quiply has made communication much easier for us. And even after more than a year, we are still thrilled with the app and can highly recommend it. And: It's really great to see that customer feedback is taken seriously and that this is also implemented."
Gaby Baumann, Head of Human Resources, AarReha Schinznach
"The app was recommended to us by a company that was already using Quiply. Quiply was very well received by our employees. (...) And we have definitely achieved our goals for internal communication. But Quiply still has so many possibilities: We want to exploit the full potential in any case!"
Alina Kramer, Marketing, G. Kraft Maschinenbau GmbH
"Thanks to the app, we have taken a big step towards digitization. Everything ran smoothly. And internal communication has become much better. As a family business, personal contact with the management level is very important, so we were able to maintain this even in times of pandemic. With the app, we have the means to express genuine appreciation."
Carolin Klauer, Team Leader Online Marketing, Fränkische Rohrwerke Gebr. Kirchner GmbH & Co KG
"With our Quiply-based Moving app, we publish internal job advertisements and job postings directly and immediately to interested employees, regardless of which subsidiary they work for. This makes it very easy for us to show development opportunities to interested employees and thus bind them much more strongly to our company."
Javier Tejero, Human Resources Director, Meliá Hotels International
"On the intranet, it took a long time to publish content. In the Quiply app, this is faster. It is best tailored for our needs. Part-time employees can now check what has changed from home." On simplifications with Quiply forms, "It's the best process ever!"
Annika Rusert, Ass. Management, Hüttenhospital in Dortmund
"Quiply's employee app allows us to easily and efficiently ensure that all of our employees, across all divisions and departments, are always provided with the information relevant to their jobs."
Tobias Diener, Director, Zollinger Stiftung (Pflegezentrum & Spitex)
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