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Use-Case-Guide for the Quiply Employee App

Ideas & inspirations for
a productive use

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Your #1 Employee App


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An employee app is communication. Accordingly, the application possibilities are limitless. We have compiled a few typical cases in our guide. Just let us inspire you!

Use cases for the employee app

Thumbnail video Onboarding new employees

Onboarding of new employees

Here we show you how successful onboarding can be with the help of the Employee App.

Thumbnail video Employee Retention

Employee retention with Quiply

Employee retention using an app? In the video we show you how Quiply's Employee App can help you.

Thumbnail video Motivate Employees Remove Blockages

Motivate employees and remove blockages

What could be worse for a company than unmotivated employees? Our App helps to inspire employees for their work!

Thumbnail video Simplify work processes

Simplify work processes

Too much paperwork, too many processes to manage holiday requests, sick leave, etc? This is how digital works!

Thumbnail video Better information flow

Better information flow

Colleagues and employees sometimes are at different locations or on the move. How can you guarantee that everyone receives important information? Watch the video to find out!


Confirm work instructions & knowledge

A work instruction can be sent as text, photo or video. The target person must explicitly confirm that he or she is aware of them.

Azubi blog quiply

Trainee blog

Giving insights, learning self-promotion in front of colleagues and real authenticity, how the company looks and work. Creative exchange of the trainees themselves is promoted. And increases the "connectivity" of tomorrow's employees.

Chats messenger

Teamwork with chats

Our chat is the most popular way of communication today. Simple, efficient and ideally suited for real-time communication. In a team, it is possible to exchange important topics in a concise way, for which a phone call would be a bit too much. With Quiply you can exchange photos, videos, gifs and voice messages just like in private messenger. But all in a secure environment and GDPR compliant. This protects employee and customer data.


Corporate Benefits & Compensation

Benefits should always be available in the app as consistent content. Salary is now joined by a host of extras and bonuses designed to keep employees motivated and engaged. Almost as important as having these programs is that they are communicated regularly. First of all, so that they are noticed and so that they actually influence the perception of the employees. Employers are also looking for appreciation and what they do should be known by all.

Auslastungsorientierte dienstplanung

Shift scheduling

Typically, duty and shift scheduling is not available to everyone. With the employee app, duty rosters can be directly connected via web-based quick links. But also deeper integrations are possible up to the shift management, where shift changes can be requested, certificates of incapacity or vacation requests are considered.


Employer Branding

Employers need a brand not only for their products. They also need a brand as an employer. They need to stand for certain qualities, such as being contemporary and progressive. Here, the employee app is part of the solution, especially as a professional app with its own name, icon and app in the Apple and Google store. With the right communication, this strongly shapes the perception of employees.


Event calendar

Would you like to participate? May we remind you? By the way: The big fair starts on July 22nd and you will all be there. Surely no one wants to miss the company party, right? The app manages appointments, synchronizes with other calendars or reminds you in time with additional information always visible.

Holli quiply

Event management

Event registrations for events, trainings or other functions become easier with the employee app. When employees register themselves, check-in becomes a breeze. Cancellations of the event are also sent directly to the smartphone.


Searching for experts in the employee directory

In the employee app, the employee directory contains the so-called user profiles, which contain all relevant information about employees. In addition to contact data, other attributes such as location, job title or qualifications can also be viewed.

Fahrgemeinschaften quiply


If we are serious about optimizing the carbon footprint, and we have to be, this is a viable way that saves employees money. The platform to organize can be easily presented by the employer with the employee app. By the way, this not only helps with travel costs and emissions, but also with delays and better interaction with each other.



As part of onboarding new employees, this is a helpful section for all the things that are always asked. Or on the employee app itself. It's critical to the success of your employee app that your employees know how to use it, where to find important information, and how to use integrated services. An FAQ page in your app provides employees with answers to their questions about the new mobile communication platform. Information about installing the app on mobile devices, accessing the app, what to do if they lose their password, and how to set up a new password should also be part of the FAQ page.

Women business feedback quiply


It's so nice to get good feedback. And constructive feedback helps you become so much better. But it's silly when decision-makers don't get any feedback at all - because everything is filtered around them. It's easy to get real, direct feedback in the employee app - with comments, likes, or 1:1 in chats. Or as part of a group that you consult regularly. All paths are open!


Questions for the boss

Above a certain size of companies it is hardly possible to have the direct line with the boss. In the employee app, this can be granted, simply so that there are alternatives that are possible for all employees. It is up to the boss to determine the framework in which this is done.

Salary quiply


Digital payrolls have many advantages: they are delivered immediately, can always be retrieved later by the employee, and do not cost postage, shipping, or other administrative costs. With Quiply, this is possible with our function Smart Docs.

Kantinen essen

Canteen Menu

Everyone now gets an answer to the question "What's on the menue today?", not just those who use the intranet. This can also be used for the cafeteria by advertising certain offers or launching campaigns that ensure lively participation outside the cafeteria as well.

AU krankmeldung quiply

Certificate of incapacity

Today, the certificate of incapacity for work still often has to be submitted in the original. But employers take the recovery request of their employees seriously if they also accept the submission of the form via the employee app to meet the deadline. Bringing it in person or by mail can be eliminated. This shortens recovery and recuperation time. If in doubt, the original can always be submitted later.


Crisis communications

Crisis communication today can be very comprehensive. But it has to be fast. That's why it's good not only to have certain scenarios prepared, but also if internal crisis communication can reach everyone.

Ideen quiply kvp

Idea Management

Innovative new concepts from within the company? Gather new ideas by involving all employees in the brainstorming process. Through various functions, such as an employee survey, all employees can be involved in evaluating new and innovative ideas.

Quiply mechaniker

Learn & Teach

There are several ways to integrate learning & best practices in an employee app: Use best practices for different locations - create a best practices folder in the channels and add a page for each location to create the opportunity for sharing. It's particularly exciting when ideas are continuously evaluated, e.g. through surveys, and knowledge management becomes practically tangible across locations.

News quiply

Local news

Like intranets, employee apps can regulate the visibility of posts. This makes it possible for news to be posted for specific target groups. So we get the local news that only the location is interested in. Or only the news for a certain group of skills (e.g. mechanics) that exist at different locations and have a special interest here. Local news is enormously effective, because nowhere is the interest in news higher.

Order quiply

Material orders / C-parts

It's so much easier to place material orders with your smartphone. Everyone has it with them, the forms can be customized exactly for typical needs. And the smartphone is powerful, a camera always with you. So if you need a part and you can't describe it more simply as an employee: Take a picture! In the office, someone gets the urgently needed product for the branch.

Formulare quiply

Guidelines and forms

For any process, a form is ideal for capturing, routing, reviewing, and releasing topics with the right data. The form is at the core of every process. Only now it is free and mobile through the employee app. This allows you to capture data for the ERP and analyze and evaluate the results with typical tools. You distribute guidelines and fact sheets just as easily and, of course, the form that is not yet to be digitized.


Micro training with quiz

Small training units can be distributed via multimedia using an employee app. This is then easy to link with learning level checks or a quiz. The gamification aspect is also useful to make training more lively.

Lob quiply

Recognition and appreciation

Not scolding is enough praise? No, of course not, that formula is from the past. Today, conscious appreciation makes a big difference in both motivation and long-term employee retention. And quite honestly, praise expressed in front of colleagues does make you a little more proud.


Employee directory

It's actually a basic feature that doesn't seem very exciting, but its benefits are significant: it allows everyone to find each other in the employee app and get in touch with others across locations. Everyone is included, not just the people with email addresses or phone numbers, but everyone, including those far out there doing the job for us.

Onboarding quiply

Onboarding for new employees

Every company knows that every employee may be different, but many questions will always be the same. A library for new employees can contain general topics such as the company manual and rules, or practical on-the-job training, for example with videos. This makes it even easier for new employees to find their feet and look things up when they are no longer on site at the company.

Staff quiply


In order to map the entire range of personnel marketing, the employee app is the medium that communicates to the outside world through the employees. For example, like our customer Feinkost Kugler, which acquires new employees by specifically informing employees that there are vacancies and also awards this. Employees always have the job options at their fingertips. In the same way, established employees can always be told about the advantages of working for the company.


Pulse surveys for employee sentiment

Instead of perhaps doing the big survey only 1x a year, pulse surveys have established themselves as an important tool to evaluate the effectiveness of measures even in the shorter term.



With the help of their employee app, we can initially inform all employees about current training courses in a straightforward manner and ensure that all employees are kept up to date about new training offers at all times through push messages in the app. But smaller trainings we accompany with materials in the app or we send short educational videos with confirmation campaigns. P.S. We picked a weird stock image there already, didn't we? But diligence points to both of us for meeting down here 🙌

Schwarzes brett quiply


Everyone knows what is behind this. What used to work via notices on the bulletin board is now long outdated. In times of ebay, WhatsApp and Facebook, who still uses a bulletin board to sell their motorcycle, find a partner to go jogging with, or announce their last name change after marriage? Accordingly, no one reads your analog notices on your company's bulletin board anymore. But how do you make sure that your employees are informed about the latest news of the day? Well, the easiest way is to use the same bulletin board digitally - in the employee app. And because it's not only the employees who pay the utmost attention to what their colleagues have to offer there, the company should also make its offers there.


Security: Safety First!

Safety as a corporate topic can be communicated again and again via the app. As a refresher, as training, or also specifically to check that it is correct in an emergency. In the context of QHSE, there are a wide variety of scenarios that can be implemented in this way. Videos, gamification, in the employee app, these scenarios can be realized. And even if the worst comes to the worst, one of the fastest and most effective warning mechanisms can still be set in motion via push message, as long as the mobile network is still up and running.


Job Posting

Every HR wants to advertise good positions to promising internal candidates. The job posting is part of this, and is also partly mandatory. But please not on paper in the display case in front of the toilets: On the employee app, all employees really do learn about new opportunities. And they can also apply via the app. And especially across locations. This opens up new opportunities for HR marketing and development. We would say: Absolutely do it!

Storytelling quiply


Storytelling has become fashionable in communication. That's a bit absurd, because since Homer we all know: If you want to communicate something that really interests people, then put it in a good story! And the same is true in internal communication, storytelling is the be-all and end-all of good communication - it's how you reach people!

Quiply sturzprotokoll


A protocol is one of typical documentation requirements in nursing. It aims to have a preventive effect and document what could have been done to avoid a fatal fall with long-term health consequences for the patient. Thanks to our App, this documentation can be done when the facts are available and the casus is fresh. This can significantly improve the quality of the protocol.

Training quiply video

Training Videos

When the sports routine is on in the morning, it's second nature: we watch a clip and follow the exercises. The same is just as possible in many industries: Here the new craft trick. Since the ideal movement for care or so the hygiene rules go practically with us in the restaurant. This is how we raise standards and quality.

News quiply

Corporate news

Whatever happens in the company: Write about it! Because there will always be someone or someone who finds out too late. And that can be partly unfavorable. A high-quality service or a top product is produced when everyone pulls together. The basis is always: up-to-date company news via push message. Simply inform everyone in real time and thus achieve more together!

Umfrage quiply


Hardly any employees like to fill out traditional employee surveys. So it's no surprise that the majority of people who have access to the internet prefer digital surveys.

With the help of their own employee app, anyone can conduct digital surveys quickly and easily. Employee surveys can provide targeted employee sentiment and satisfaction about selected topics and aspects. Conducting surveys through their in-house digital communications can help serve as a diagnostic tool for employee perceptions and highlight where action is needed or imminent. Participation rates are certainly particularly high with employee apps compared to surveys on paper, not to mention the time it takes to complete the survey.

Urlaubsantrag quiply

Vacation Request

Captures and processes leave requests quickly and efficiently with mobile digital request forms. This simplifies processes and helps employees plan their vacation. Of course, there is feedback and multi-level approval processes so that everything is also approved (specialist manager) as booked (HR department).


Maintenance logs

Let's put it this way: When the new 5-axis CNC is installed for €498,000 net, we also want to know that it is being handled well. The CNC milling machine is serviced and we can create the log using a form in the employee app. Will then edit and file everything afterwards via CSV or XLS if necessary.

Wissensmanagement quiply

Knowledge management with peer-to-peer communication

Okay, that's usually not a big deal in the midmarket. But we'll say it anyway: Create a channel through which employees can communicate with each other and help each other. This way, problems or open questions can be clarified between colleagues. Via chat or via channel in the employee app. Sounds logical, so it can't be that wrong. Feel free to try it out! 😄

"Whether an employee app has increased employee retention? Definitely! The comments in our app are friendly, there has been a higher appreciation for each other. I've sensed: something is happening."
Philipp R. Ostermann, Managing Director, VidoMed Gesellschaft für ganzheitliche Pflege mbH
"From day one, Quiply has made communication much easier for us. And even after more than a year, we are still thrilled with the app and can highly recommend it. Plus: It's really great to see that customer feedback is taken seriously and that this is also implemented."
Gaby Baumann, Head of personnel, aarReha Schinznach
"The app was recommended to us by a company that was already using Quiply. Quiply was very well received by our employees. (...) And we have definitely achieved our goals for internal communication. But Quiply still has so many possibilities: We want to exploit the full potential in any case!"
Alina Kramer, Marketing, G. Kraft Maschinenbau GmbH
"Thanks to the app, we have taken a big step towards digitization. Everything ran smoothly. And internal communication has become much better. As a family business, personal contact with the management level is very important, so we were able to maintain this even in times of pandemic. With the app, we have a way of expressing genuine appreciation."
Carolin Klauer, Online Marketing Team Leader, Fränkische Rohrwerke Gebr. Kirchner GmbH & Co KG
"With our Quiply-based Moving app, we publish internal job advertisements and job postings directly and immediately to interested employees, regardless of which subsidiary they work for. This makes it very easy for us to show development opportunities to interested employees and thus bind them much more strongly to our company."
Javier Tejero, Human Resources Director, Meliá Hotels International
"On the intranet, it took a long time to publish content. In the Quiply app, this is faster. It is best tailored for our needs. Part-time employees can now check what has changed from home." On simplifications with Quiply forms, "It's the best process ever!"
Annika Rusert, Ass. Management, Hüttenhospital in Dortmund
"Quiply's employee app allows us to easily and efficiently ensure that all of our employees, across all divisions and departments, are always provided with the information relevant to their jobs."
Tobias Diener, Director, Zollinger Stiftung (Pflegezentrum & Spitex)
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