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Our Employee-App

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Your #1 Employee-App


Strengthen your hospitality and franchise workforce!

✔ Also reaches service personnel across functions and locations in real time without a business email address

Channel & group chats per service area, department or warehouse enable the arrangement of shift or duty schedules

✔ Easy sending of pay slips or instructions as well as sick notes incl. read confirmation

Enables uniform coordination of decorations, fixtures or menus, is a knowledge base and promotes ideas

✔ Replaces bulletin board, simplifies surveys, replaces uncoordinated private messaging services, and is GDPR compliant

✔ Binds and motivates your employees, promotes social exchange and strengthens cohesion across branches

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Great customers who trust us

Better internal communication

Quality management

To always deliver the same standard to the guest so they are truly satisfied? That requires a functioning team, good quality management and regular training. This is exactly where the app supports you. Recipes, preparation, decorations or checklists for events can be created as a knowledge database. Also vividly in video format, always available for new forces. So if the boss doesn't have time, new talents also get a good onboarding. The same applies to temporary staff, who can be reached more easily in this way.

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Safely inform all at once

If you coordinate a lot of temporary workers in catering or for large banquets, you need a platform. If you create more transparency in the company, employees feel valued and are more motivated. With an Employee-App, everyone can be informed at the same time with important news from the management without any office gossip. The Quiply Employee-App meets all security standards and is GDPR-compliant. It effectively and easily replaces WhatsApp for internal purposes, where a lot of things get mixed up.

Direct exchange, fast processes

Material orders, vacation requests and much more can be mapped digitally in our Employee-App, without the hassle of paperwork. From now on, employees also have the opportunity to coordinate a possible shift swap directly with each other and do not have to wait until the next time they see each other at work. The results are available in the app or directly in Excel/Google Worksheet/CSV table formats.

Optimise your catering business with our task module!

Gain time for the essentials by assigning tasks within the team in a targeted manner - be it order processing, table reservations or other important tasks. Organise tasks according to urgency for a smooth process. Use tags for categorisation, e.g. according to table numbers or special guest requirements. Keep track of current, upcoming or all tasks with three views. Receive immediate updates on completed tasks and relevant changes via push notifications. Efficient management for a first-class catering experience - anytime, anywhere.

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Employee-App advantages

Reach & connect all

More team play! Whether seasonal, international or local, with the Employee-App everyone gets the latest information. Request shift changes, coordinate or recruit new staff, everything is possible.

Less paperwork

With our modular system of forms, surveys and campaigns, you can digitize any multi-stage process - without external IT expertise. Data collection is thus greatly simplified.

Security & Privacy

Our technology is not only compliant with the EU-GDPR and the Swiss DSG, but also future-proof. Also on private end devices (BYOD).

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What some of our customers say

"Using the intranet the user needed to be proactive to consume new content. The app informs the user directly that there is new content available!"
Vanessa Kuhn, Communications Manager at Andermatt Swiss Alps AG
"With our Quiply-based Moving app, we publish internal job advertisements and job postings directly and immediately to interested employees, regardless of which subsidiary they work for. This makes it very easy for us to show development opportunities to interested employees and thus bind them much more strongly to our company."
Javier Tejero, Human Resources Director, Meliá Hotels International
"Thanks to the app, we have taken a big step towards digitization. Everything ran smoothly. And internal communication has become much better. As a family business, personal contact with the management level is very important, so we were able to maintain this even in times of pandemic. With the app, we have a way of expressing genuine appreciation."
Carolin Klauer, Online Marketing Team Leader, Fränkische Rohrwerke Gebr. Kirchner GmbH & Co KG
"The app was recommended to us by a company that was already using Quiply. Quiply was very well received by our employees. (...) And we have definitely achieved our goals for internal communication. But Quiply still has so many possibilities: We want to exploit the full potential in any case!"
Alina Kramer, Marketing, G. Kraft Maschinenbau GmbH
"From day one, Quiply has made communication much easier for us. And even after more than a year, we are still thrilled with the app and can highly recommend it. Plus: It's really great to see that customer feedback is taken seriously and that this is also implemented."
Gaby Baumann, Head of personnel, aarReha Schinznach
"On the intranet, it took a long time to publish content. In the Quiply app, this is faster. It is best tailored for our needs. Part-time employees can now check what has changed from home." On simplifications with Quiply forms, "It's the best process ever!"
Annika Rusert, Ass. Management, Hüttenhospital in Dortmund
"Quiply's employee app allows us to easily and efficiently ensure that all of our employees, across all divisions and departments, are always provided with the information relevant to their jobs."
Tobias Diener, Director, Zollinger Stiftung (Pflegezentrum & Spitex)
"Whether an employee app has increased employee retention? Definitely! The comments in our app are friendly, there has been a higher appreciation for each other. I've sensed: something is happening."
Philipp R. Ostermann, Managing Director, VidoMed Gesellschaft für ganzheitliche Pflege mbH

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