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For security you want professionals!

Better protection against cybercrime.
Of course EU-GDPR compliant.

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Your #1 Employee-App


Safety is a top priority here

Michael Schulz Mathias Wuerthle Co Founder Quiply

"As managing partners, we are committed to the highest standards and have developed a secure employee app. We comply with the EU-GDPR as well as the Swiss DSG at all times. We rely on 256-bit TLS data encryption, advanced firewalls, maleware & virus scanners, security audits and ISO/EIC 27001 certified data centers. The app is hosted in Frankfurt a. M.🇩🇪. In the event of cyberattacks, we are a fortress."

Michael Schulz & Mathias Würthle

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Quiply protects you

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Fake news, image loss and total economic damage due to data loss - these are the dangers of the 21st century. It's risky when company secrets, customer or patient data become public (even unintentionally). No administrator would give sensitive data into an open network. But that is the case with ad-supported services like WhatsApp, Facebook & Co. Quiply is a closed system, centrally administrable. Viruses, cyberattacks or blackmail Trojans are warded off. With Quiply, you don't have to worry about being warned because of the German Data Protection Act (DS-GVO). For security you want professionals! More details in our whitepaper: "Data Protection & Security":


100% Privacy

Data center ISO 27001 certified, data storage in Frankfurt a.M. at Europe's fastest internet node DI:CIX. Compliant with Swiss DSG and EU-GDPR. Already complies with Schrems-II requirements, operates without sub-processors outside the EU. Quiply is an owner-operated provider from Germany and of course offers a contract processing agreement.

100% encrypted

Bank-safe: End-to-end encryption AES 256 and TLS 1.2. Data is encrypted in rest and transit. All customer data is encrypted at all times and protected from unauthorized access. SSAE-16, only cloud ever certified as C5 by BSI. Cloud storage meets the highest security requirements of the financial industry: PCI DSS.

100% secure BYOD

The use of private devices is clearly the usual with employee apps like Quiply. However, if access is revoked, all data can no longer be accessed and used, unlike WhatsApp, for example. Role-based access, role management via admin functions. Users can be blocked at any time, only active employees have access. Malware and virus scanners additionally protect existing systems from cyberattacks.

99% System Uptime

Superior architecture. High-performance cloud. Multiple daily backups. Data storage in Germany. ISO/IEC 27001 certified data center, highly secure cloud-based SaaS offering according to industry standards. SSAE-16, only C5 certified cloud by BSI, achieves the highest standard PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

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Every safe house is built on a solid foundation. The secret of Quiply: the system architecture. The risk of a security breach is minimized thanks to Quiply's resistant network structure and system design. Many human risks can be adjusted away with password strengths, white-listing and other security features. Our data security is the basis for conformity to EU-GDPR and Swiss DSG. We offer the highest standard.

Your CIO sleeps better like this!

Betriebsrats Paper

Whitepaper "Involving Workers Council"

The works council should always be involved in software implementation. It, too, is sure to have legitimate questions about employee security and data protection. Answers to these questions and legal assessments from the Works Constitution Act can be found in this white paper with a practical checklist. This is how the works council becomes a supporter.

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Is your boss reading this too?

Not with Quiply, in any case. Employee concerns about employee apps like Quiply are generally unfounded. Many correctly assume employee apps are safer from selection than WhatsApp, Facebook or MS Teams. This is also due to the different business model. But what if someone is worried about surveillance? We have compiled some facts in this article that explain the differences.

Quiply Datenschutz und Datensicherheit

Whitepaper Security & Data Protection

How secure are you really with Quiply? What does Quiply do with DDoS attacks? How do we protect the API? What does the security training of the admins look like? If you want to know exactly, download our whitepaper. It includes a declaration of commitment to data protection from our managing directors. Because we are really serious about data protection.

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