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Quiply improves internal communication from day 1. Our employee app is a smart tool that inspires with effective communication. The implementation of Quiply is practical, lean and fast. Our customers comment, "Employees are really excited!". That's why Quiply is very well accepted in all industries (activation rate >90%).

Employee-App Features

Inform with channels

With multimedia posts, you can inform the whole company. You can reach everyone in real time via push notifications. Either write elaborately edited posts or as a quick post like in a social network. The visibility and confidentiality of posts can be set individually with role profiles. This way you reach the desired target group and nobody else is disturbed unnecessarily in their concentration. You can stimulate feedback with comments & likes. Barrier-free according to BITV. The old display case? It can actually be taken down now...

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Creative content in no time

The extensive editor gives demanding authors every degree of freedom. Creative articles can be written quickly with rich media (photos, video, gifs, etc.). You can also insert content via drag & drop. Or post directly in an uncomplicated way like in a social network and be more effective. With the smartphone app, it's even possible to edit complex posts on the go. Publishing is done to the point with time control.

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Pinboard for social exchange

The app replaces the bulletin board, pinboard or showcase. Here, everyone can post, share and advertise themselves. Whether as a sales exchange, for search-and-offer pages, offers of help, carpools or company sports, everything is possible. Across locations, shift changes or language barriers. A bit like company Facebook, but without fake news.


Our chats are ideal for teamwork or quick coordination. Both 1:1 and groups are possible. Of course, GDPR compliant and completely encrypted. In the design of private messengers, the range of functions leaves nothing to be desired: voice messages, videos, photos, gifs, emojis and any document type can be sent. Formal read receipts can be requested and acknowledged. And for each document, there are statistics on who in the team has already taken note. Also very practical: appointment polls a la Doodle.

Quick Links

Direct linking of HR self-services, time tracking, duty and shift planners or social offers like KickTipp. Social streams from Facebook, Instagram & Co can be embedded visibly.


Posts and chats can be translated into 112 languages thanks to AI and real-time translation. And precisely! The user interface is available in multiple languages.

Time controlled

With a proper editorial plan, content is pre-produced and then published on time. This ensures that important things are announced with pinpoint accuracy.


Of course, daily summaries of important news can also be sent to employees & third parties to an email address. The comeback of email? Quiply is ready!

Documents library

Content and documents are always clearly available like a digital library. Ideal for onboarding new employees or as a permanent repository that keeps the most important documents directly accessible. For example, the company manual, QMS, construction plans, maintenance procedures, work instructions or corporate benefits can be accessed here and kept up to date.

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Employee directory

Now there is an employee directory for everyone, even for those without a company e-mail address. With freely selectable profile fields, further information such as location, department or skills can be assigned. This is how you support knowledge management: Who knows what and how do I reach the person? This knowledge can lead to significant productivity gains in the company.

Push Notifications

Content sent to smartphones with push notifications is read up to 8 times more often. This is useful for important or critical information that needs to be passed on to all employees at lightning speed and should be heeded.

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The search: resourceful memory aid

Quiply has integrated a real deep search: Not only is the app's content, such as chats and posts, searched, but all documents shared in the app, regardless of file type. So whether you read something in a text file, PowerPoint presentation or comment, it is so easy to find it again.

Social streams

Likes 👍 and comments are now the contemporary form of giving appreciation, approval or feedback. There is always something new to share in the stream.


Annoying, when the network fails and, for example, no reception is possible indoors. However, Quiply can still display all content that has been received up to that point without any problems.

Rich media

If you employ Generation Y, you absolutely need it: Animated gifs, videos, emojis, photos, music and embed social channels like YouTube, Vimeo & Co. Clear Like! 👍


Quiply minimizes the number of queries and is programmed lean. This saves battery life and data volume. And it's good for the environment, too. 🌳

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Administration with easy-to-use dashboard

In the dashboard the system can be administered and with analyses the communication in the company can be improved. Employees can be imported manually or conveniently from existing systems such as DATEV (or XLS, CSV). Azure Active Directory with single sign-on on demand.

Room for your brand

You can set and customize your colors and logos for your own corporate design directly in Quiply, of course also the permissions in different levels from author to administrator.

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Smart groups

Unique to Quiply: Always quickly catch the right target group and engage with the desired people. Employees can be automatically assigned to or removed from suitable groups and channels. The dynamic assignment of rights saves a lot of time and increases the quality of communication.


Confirm legally secure! Awareness, new security instructions or training? In a campaign, the selected people receive message and must formally confirm knowledge. With Quiply legally secure!


Maps lead each person to the right buildings in locations or branches. Normal street maps and navigation can also be used in this way in the app.


As an event calendar, it informs all employees of upcoming milestones and events. In groups, it supports teamwork and synchronizes with the private calendar. So nobody misses anything important anymore!

Professional App

Perfect employer branding: your own app with your own desired name. This makes it particularly easy for employees to identify with the company. With a particularly strong impact on Generation Y and Z. Available worldwide in the Apple App Store, Google Playstore, or Huawei AppGallery. Own corporate design, own colors. Own icon design and own app. Simply your app.

All new versions of your app will be provided with updates and newly developed features by Quiply and published by us. The big advantage: share the same platform with many others and thus reduce costs, but appear 100% individual. This approach is also ideal as a platform for distribution systems & brand aware franchising.

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Booster features of the employee app.

Less paperwork: Forms

One of our most popular features: Digital forms with proper workflow, completely encrypted and with evaluation included. You can digitize many processes in no time at all: Vacation request, submitting certificates of incapacity, material order, QMS, meal order, whisteblower form, whatever: Quiply provides you with a construction kit that allows you to build any form yourself in minutes. Multi-level approval processes make forms stand out. And you can prepare the results directly in inventory systems or Excel/Google Sheets.

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Surveys with less effort

Mini-polls and voting are a start. But what about the mood throughout the company? Complex surveys to all employees are much less time-consuming to process with the app. Everything remains encrypted and, if desired, anonymous in the app's workflow. Strictly GDPR compliant. Neither paper nor terminals are necessary now. With Quiply, it's easy to reach everyone and the participation rate is excellent. For regular pulse surveys or after random selection. Analysis can be visualized in the app or exported using Excel/Google Sheets. External providers like SurveyMonkey can be integrated additionally.

Real-time Translation

With artificial intelligence, the app can translate chats and posts into over 112 languages. Real-time translation (inline translation) is blazingly fast and with impressive precision. So everyone automatically reads and writes in their native language. Everyday language and slang are also recognized.

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Enough reading! Now it's time for Quiply!

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Smart Integration

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  • Abacus
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Quiply uses your trusted inventory systems

Employee-App as a digital workplace

Quiply is a self-sufficient and secure system - the ideal basis for the digital workplace of all employees. In addition, Quiply offers integrations to trusted legacy systems. In the digital employee mailbox Smart Docs, payrolls from Datev, Sage-KHK or Abacus, among others, can be sent confidentially. Many shift and duty scheduling systems can also be connected. User management with Smart Groups can dynamically create groups without the need for company e-mail addresses. In other structures, customers can use Microsoft Azure Active Directory with single sign-on to Quiply. Existing intranet content can be embedded into Quiply via RSS or to Microsoft SharePoint/Teams (e.g. as an iFrame). Direct linking with Quick Links to other HR self services & websites possible.

We realize individual solutions on special customer request.

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