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Quiply as a brand

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Tree families are networked via the root kingdom. They communicate with each other, form a network and warn each other of dangers. Companies must also be networked. And as our logo suggests: communicate! The office should not be an ivory tower. Outside, there are still many information deserts and the distorting swamp of middle management. Internal communication is better today! So that we are all one team and can see the forest for the trees again.

With Quiply we keep the overview. Communication becomes clear, targeted and efficient.

Our mission

Since its founding in 2015, Quiply has helped shape the employee app software category. As an audience, we didn't have the office in mind, but the (system-relevant) 80% of all employees away from their desks who use neither desktop nor intranet: Caregivers, skilled workers, assemblers, construction workers, garbage collectors, craftsmen, drivers and many more. So that warehouse, production and administration are better connected again. Where much good potential for digitization lies dormant and real-time communication is still uncharted territory. The vision: Connect everyone, achieve more together! Today, Quiply improves internal communication in strong medium-sized businesses.

Not just another app, but 1 app for all!

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Our values

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Once upon a time: When Quiply was founded in 2015 by Mathias Würthle, Michael Schulz and Sebastian Schirmer, the initial aim was to revolutionize private communication with "Quiply - Let's Meet". The founders then decided to leverage the potential of the technology as a B2B white label app with their first customer (co-founder Markus Bußmann). The SaaS company's next evolutionary step in 2018: enabling internal communication via employee app across company networks. Quiply is now present as the #1 employee app in hundreds of companies and grew 243% in 2020. Customer satisfaction and regular innovations like Smart Groups or real-time translation with AI make Quiply stand out.

Connect everyone, achieve more together!

GreenTech: Why Quiply is green

"Sustainability is at the core of our DNA. As an owner-managed company, we operate for the long term, with our customers in mind." We are not a financial market start-up; our managing directors are responsible entrepreneurs. We develop personalities and invest in relationships, especially in a growing team. Together with you, we have also formulated our values👇 which guide us in our decisions. As a software company, we bear responsibility for the environment and health. We aim to be CO2 neutral as early as 2023, and our servers use renewable energies.

Quiply・Your #1 Employee App

Michael Schulz Mathias Wuerthle Co Founder Quiply

Our values

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Impress your customer

We provide our customers with an exceptionally positive customer experience.

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Walk the talk

We feel responsible for our team and stakeholders. We put our money where our mouth is.

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Be frank and direct

We communicate openly and directly and share knowledge with each other. No room for assumptions.

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Show courage

We dare to try new things in order to continuously develop ourselves. We learn from our mistakes, which may and must be made.

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Show respect

We behave constructively and respectfully toward everyone. We show personal appreciation, even in criticism.

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We succeed as a team

Each of us has different talents. We promote our strengths. We compensate for weaknesses in the best possible way and are thus successful together.

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